Get Carter

1971 American film by Mike Hodges

Get Carter is a 1971 British crime movie directed by Mike Hodges and starring Michael Caine, Ian Hendry,[1] Britt Ekland, John Osborne and Bryan Mosley. It was filmed in and around Newcastle upon Tyne, Gateshead and County Durham.

The movie is about a London gangster, Jack Carter (Caine), who travels back to his home town to discover more about his brother Frank's supposedly accidental death. Suspecting foul play, and with vengeance on his mind, he investigates.[2]

On its release Get Carter received no awards. It was made popular by Quentin Tarantino and Guy Ritchie.[3] In 1999, Get Carter was ranked 16th on the BFI Top 100 British films of the 20th century.[4]

Get Carter was remade in 2000 by Warner Bros. under the same title, with Sylvester Stallone starring as Jack Carter, with Caine in a supporting role.


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