Gigablaster is a Brazilian Animated Series produced by TeamTO and Cake Entertainment in co-production with Gloob It is written by Eric Shaw.[1]

The Gigablaster family of characters has a very playful blue rhinoceros, a shy DJ, an explosive guitarist, and an absent-minded, deaf zombie. They live in a karaoke in a large city. Together, Giga, Ziggy and Rubi are part of a band managed by Cool Daddy. They end up getting in trouble with villains ranging from Shimeji God to GossipCam Paparazzi.

List of episodesEdit

Original PT-BR Title 2019 2020
Isso É Super, Isso É Mega, Isso É Gigablaster! This is Super, This is Mega, This is Gigablaster! 01
Você Vem Sempre Aqui? You come here often? 02


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