Gil Vicente

Portuguese writer (1465-1536)

Gil Vicente (1470-1540) was a Portuguese poet and playwright.

Biography change

Gil Vicente was born in 1470 in the town of Guimarães.[1] He came to Lisbon[2] as a boy.[1] He studied law but did not take any scholarly degree.[1] In 1493 he was prince Manoel's teacher of rhetorics.[1] Some of his poems were included into Cancioneiro Geral[1] by Garcia de Resende.[2] He wrote plays.[1] He was an actor, too.[1] He was married to Branca Bezerra and had four children.[1] His daughter Paula was known a learned woman at the court.[1]

Works change

Gil Vicente wrote poetry and plays.[2] He wrote both in Portuguese and in Spanish.[1] He is called the father of Portuguese drama.[1] His works were translated into English by Aubrey F. G. Bell. Among his poems there are vilancetes, pastoral poems. A famous example is Adorae montanhas.

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