accessories that improve human vision
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Eyeglasses (U.S), or spectacles (Brit.), are pieces of glass or clear plastic, called lenses, in a frame that holds them in front of someone's eyes.

Normal pair of glasses
A man wearing eyeglasses

Corrective lenses let some people see or read better if they have problems seeing. If the someone is long-sighted (the light is focusses past the retina), they use a different type of glasses than someone who is short-sighted. Lenses can also correct Astigmatism. Contact lenses also help people see better.

Glasses can also protect the eyes. Goggles and safety glasses are strong and protect the eyes from flying objects. Sunglasses keep too much sunlight from getting in people's eyes. Some eyeglasses block blue light from a computer, game, smart phone and TV.[1]

Eyeglasses have many models. They be worn for fashion.

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