Go Ichinose

Japanese composer

Go Ichinose (一之瀬剛, Ichinose Go) is a Japanese man who has been working at Game Freak since 1993[1] He is best known for making music for Pokémon video games. He started making music for Pokémon games when Pokémon Gold and Silver were released, in 1999. He became a music leader after the release of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl [2]

Early life and education


When Go Ichinose was in kindergarten, he was forced by his parents to attend a music class and a swimming school. He did not like the swimming classes at the swimming school. Finally, after some time, he did not have to attend the swimming classes anymore. He stayed in the music classes but couldn't proceed to higher levels because he never finished his homework. Ichinose started playing piano. However, he did not practice music pieces he didn't like until his junior high. He started to get into video game music around this time. He started practicing tracks from a record from his childhood on his piano.[3]



In 1993, Ichinose started working at Game Freak part-time to study programming and to get qualified. His study of programming didn't have any progress because instead of studying programming, he used to make music. He made music for Pokémon Gold and Silver in 1999 and has become a member of the sound team after that.

year title role
1996 Bazaru de Gozaru no Game De Gozaru Music
1997 Bushi Seiryūden: Futari no Yūsha Game Design
1999 Click Medic Game Design, Music
Pokémon Gold and Silver Music with Junichi Masuda
Pokémon Pinball Music
2000 Pokémon Crystal Music with Junichi Masuda and Morikazu Aoki
2002 Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Music with Junichi Masuda and Morikazu Aoki
2004 Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen Music with Morikazu Aoki
Pokémon Emerald Music with Hitomi Sato
2005 Drill Dozer Music with Satoshi Nohara
2006 Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Music with Hitomi Sato and Junichi Masuda
2008 Pokémon Platinum Music with Hitomi Sato, Junichi Masuda and Satoshi Nohara
2009 Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Music with Hitomi Sato, Junichi Masuda, Shota Kageyama and Takuto Kitsuta
2010 Pokémon Black and White Music with Hitomi Sato, Junichi Masuda, Minako Adachi and Shota Kageyama
2012 Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 Music with Hitomi Sato
2013 Pocket Card Jockey Game Design, Music
2016 Pokémon Sun and Moon Music with Hideaki Kuroda, Hitomi Sato, Junichi Masuda, Minako Adachi and Tomaoki Oga
2017 Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Music with Junichi Masuda, Minako Adachi and Tomaoki Oga
2019 Little Town Hero Sound Manager
Pokémon Sword and Shield Music with Keita Okamoto, Minako Adachi and Toby Fox
2022 Pokémon Legends: Arceus Music with Hiromitsu Maeba and Hitomi Sato
Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Music with Hiromitsu Maeba, Hitomi Sato, Junichi Masuda, Minako Adachi, Teruo Taniguchi and Toby Fox
2023 Pocket Jockey: Ride On! Game Design, Music
Crystarise Music


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