Gold Snatchers

1973 Hong Kong movie directed by Lung Chien

Gold Snatchers (Chinese: 一 虎拳) is a 1973 Hong Kong action drama movie directed by Lung Chien and starring Hsien Chin-Chu and Yasuaki Kurata.[1]

Gold Snatchers
Directed byLung Chien
Written by
Hsiang-Kan Chu
Hsiang-Kan Chu
  • Yasuaki Kurata
  • Shen-Lin Chen
  • Ying Fung Chen
  • Ming Chin
  • Ming-Shao Ho
  • Wei-Hsiung Ho
  • Blackie Shou-Liang Ko
Release date
Running time
92 minutes
CountryHong Kong

Plot change

Chen Sing and Ah Fat come out of jail and go to grave of mother of Chen to find a chest of gold to steal. Chan searches for the gold the delinquents have stolen, but later he discovers that he was framed by his half-brother Lung Fei.

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