Gopala (Pala king)

8th century founder of Indian Pala Dynasty

Gopala I was the founder of the Pala Empire of Bengal , Indian subcontinent. He came to power around 750 CE in Gaur after being elected by a group of regional chieftains (leaders). Pala means "protector". The word Pala comes in every Pala ruler's name.


The name of Gopala's father is Vapyata. His grandfather is Dayitavishnu.[1] The Khalimpur copper plate of Gopala's son Dharmapala refers Vapyata as "killer of enemies". It also describes Dayitavishnu as Sarva-vidyavadata ("all-knowing" in the meaning of "highly educated").[2]


According to Manjusrimulakalpa, Gopala died at the age of 80, after a reign of 27 years.[3]Not much is known about his life or military career. But at the time of his death, he left a large empire to his son Dharmapala.


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