Gospel music

genre of music emphasizing Christian lyrics

Gospel music is a style of music. It is often written to express personal or group belief, regarding Christianity. This music is used to praise, worship and thank God, Christ or the Holy Spirit. Perhaps the most famous gospel song is Amazing Grace.


Common Themes change

Many gospel songs are about heaven. Others tell about when the singer was saved. Gospel songs may be based on the feelings or experience of the writer. Gospel songs tend to be more personal than hymns. Hymns are often directed to God or telling about God.

Types of Gospel Music change

There are many types of gospel music. Some of them are spirituals, traditional, gospel blues, southern gospel, country gospel, bluegrass gospel and sacred harp. The way of singing is the main thing that is different. The message may be quite similar between the types. [1]

Ricky_Skaggs_is a Bluegrass gospel artist

How Gospel Music is sung change

Most types of gospel music have a typical way of being sung. Traditional (Black) gospel often uses a large choir, with one or two soloists. Gospel blues were sung by a single singer with a guitar. [2] Southern gospel is almost always sung by a quartet with a piano.[3] Bluegrass gospel has a few singers with stringed instruments. Sacred harp is sung by a large group with no instruments. [4]

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