Greater London Authority

UK regional authority for Greater London, England, UK

The Greater London Authority (GLA) controls the 1579 km² (610 sq. miles) of Greater London, England, covering the 32 London boroughs and the City of London. The GLA members are the Mayor and the 25 people the London Assembly. The current Mayor of London is Sadiq Khan.[1]



The GLA was created to improve the coordination between the London boroughs, and the Mayor of London's role is to give London a single person to represent it. The Mayor proposes policy and the GLA's budget, and makes appointments to the capital's strategic transport body (Transport for London) and economic development body (the London Development Agency).

One of the primary purposes of the London Assembly is to hold the Mayor of London to account. The Assembly must also accept or amend(change) the Mayor's budget on an annual basis(every year).

The GLA is different from the Corporation of the City of London with its largely ceremonial Lord Mayor. Corporation controls only the square mile of the City, London's chief financial centre. The GLA governs a much wider area

The GLA is at City Hall, a new building on the south bank of the River Thames, next to Tower Bridge.



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