Greatest Hits (The Cars album)

The Cars album

Greatest Hits is a compilation album by the new wave band The Cars. It was released in October 1985 on Elektra Records. "Tonight She Comes," a previously unreleased song, was issued as a single in 1985 to support this greatest hits package. The album was a commercial success, going six times platinum.

Track listing


All songs written and composed by Ric Ocasek

Side one
No. TitleOriginal album Length
1. "Just What I Needed"  The Cars 3:43
2. "Since You're Gone"  Shake It Up 3:31
3. "You Might Think"  Heartbeat City 3:04
4. "Good Times Roll"  The Cars 3:44
5. "Touch and Go"  Panorama 4:54
6. "Drive"  Heartbeat City 3:54
Side two
No. TitleOriginal album Length
7. "Tonight She Comes"  previously unreleased 3:52
8. "My Best Friend's Girl"  The Cars 3:44
9. "Heartbeat City" (CD and Cassette release only)Heartbeat City 4:29
10. "Let's Go"  Candy-O 3:33
11. "I'm Not the One" (1985 remixed version)Shake It Up 3:58
12. "Magic"  Heartbeat City 3:57
13. "Shake It Up"  Shake It Up 3:32