South Korean animation studio

Grimsaem Animation Co. Ltd., Seoul, Korea ((주)그림샘 애니메이션) was an animation studio located in South Korea. It is a division of Sunwoo Entertainment. Grimsaem creates feature-length work for Nickelodeon. They also worked on the Fox TV series Family Guy, animating the full first and third seasons of the show.

Grimsaem Animation Co. Ltd., Seoul, Korea
IndustryOverseas animation
FoundedSeoul, South Korea (March 1997)
DefunctApril 2000
FateMerger with Sunwoo Animation Co., Inc.
Seoul, South Korea
Area served
South Korea
Key people
Kang Han Young (Sunwoo Animation Co., Inc.)
ProductsFamily Guy
The Simpsons
ParentSunwoo Animation Co., Inc.

Partial list of animated featuresEdit