Grimsby, Ontario

town in Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada

Grimsby (population 26 000[1]) is a town on Lake Ontario in the Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada. Grimsby is a part of the Hamilton Census Metropolitan Area. Most of its population lives in the area surrounded Lake Ontario and the Niagara escarpment. The escarpment is home to a section of the Bruce Trail. There are many famous people from Grimsby, including NHL player Kevin Bieksa, and The Three Stooges director Del Lord. Grimsby is known as "the gateway between Hamilton and Niagara". In the early 1900's, Grimsby was known as an amusement park, with a roller coaster, a movie theater, and cabins on the lake. One of Grimsby's elementary schools, Grand Avenue Public School, used to be the fairgrounds for the amusement park.

Location of Grimsby in the Niagara Region


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