Guilford Native American Association

Native American community association

The Guilford Native American Association is a Native American community association in Guilford County, North Carolina. It is a North Carolina State-recognized American Indian Organization,[1][2] and is a United Way referral agency.

Started in September 1975 by local parents as a non-profit education advocacy group, the association has grown to include child care, employment, and age-based community programs. It is the oldest American Indian urban association in North Carolina and one of the oldest organizations of its kind in the United States.[3][4]

Its stated main goal is to "assist Indian people in achieving social and economic self-sufficiency".[5] It serves over 5,000 Native Americans in Guilford and the surrounding counties.[5] One of its major events since 1976 is an annual pow-wow and cultural festival.[6]The association also operates the Guilford Native American Art Gallery in Greensboro, North Carolina.

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