Israeli social democratic party
Logo of HaAvoda (Israeli Labor Party)

HaAvoda, Hebrew: העבודה , meaning The Labor, (full name: Mifleget HaAvoda HaYisrelit, Hebrew: מפלגת העבודה הישראלית , meaning Israeli Labor Party, often called like that or just Labor Party) is an Israeli political party.

Its ideology is social democratic, and Zionist.

Political leader is Amir Peretz.[1]

HaAvoda was founded in 1968 as a result of a merger of three leftist parties: Mapai, Ahdut HaAvoda, and Rafi.

Number of seats in the 20th Knesset: 19 (+4).
HaAvoda is cooperating with HaTnu'a ("The Movement") and HaTnu'a HaYeruqa ("The Green Movement") as HaMahaneh HaTziyoni (The Zionist Union). Together they have 24 seats.


  1. Because Gabbay is not a Knesset member, former leader Yitzhak Herzog led the party faction in the Knesset.

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