Happy Wheels

2010 video game

Happy Wheels is a browser game created by Jim Bonacci in 2010.[3] The game features several playable characters who use different, sometimes unique vehicles to travel the game levels. The game is best known for its violence and the amount of user-generated content its players create.

Happy Wheels
The Happy Wheels logo
Developer(s)Jim Bonacci, Jason Schymick[1]
Publisher(s)Fancy Force
EngineBox2D Physics Engine
Platform(s)Web browser
ReleaseJune 4, 2010[2]
Genre(s)Ragdoll physics
Black comedy
Indie game

Controls change

  • Up - Push arms above the head and straighten legs.
  • Down - Curl into ball.
  • Left - Push all joints backwards excluding head.
  • Right - Straighten legs and press arms forward.
  • Space - Grab.

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