capital of Heilongjiang province, China

Harbin, is the capital city of Heilongjiang, a northeast province of China. In recent years, Harbin is well-known worldwide for Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, Harbin Summer Music Festival and Harbin International Beer Festival.

Location of Harbin Municipality in Heilongjiang Province


From 1897 to 1902, the Russian Empire built the Chinese Eastern Railway; A concession from Imperial China allowed that; Russia's administration of this railway and the Chinese Eastern Railway Zone - was from Harbin. The settlement founded by the Russian-owned Chinese Eastern Railway, quickly turned into a boomtown, growing into a city within five years. The majority of settlers in Harbin came from southern Ukraine (in the Russian Empire).[1]


Governing 12 districts and 10 counties, Harbin Municipality has a population of 9,873,743 and 4,754,753 of whom lives in the city proper of Harbin. Administrative divisions as below:

  • Daoli District
  • Nangang District
  • Daowai District
  • Xiangfang District
  • Pingfang District
  • Songbei District
  • Hulan District
  • Acheng District
  • Shuangcheng District
  • Shangzhi
  • Wuchang
  • Yilan County
  • Fangzheng County
  • Bin County
  • Bayan County
  • Mulan County
  • Tonghe County
  • Yanshou County

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