achievement of three consecutive sporting feats

A hat-trick, hat trick or hattrick in sports means that something is done 3 times. For example: goals, wickets and so forth.

Association football change

There are different interpretations as to when a hat-trick is a valid one. The most common criteria is when a player has scored 3 goals in a match. Goals from penalty shootouts are not included.

A "flawless" or "German" hattrick is close to the hat-trick described above but is different since the 3 goals have to be scored within a certain period of time. Another example is the "classic" or "perfect" hat-trick which means that the player scored one goal with each foot ( 1 goal with the right-foot and one goal with the left-foot) and a header.

Occasionally Germans would award the hatrickees with 3 medals to signify their achievement.