county town of Pembrokeshire, Wales

Haverfordwest (/ˌhævərfərdˈwɛst/; Welsh: Hwlffordd [ˈhʊlfɔrð]) is the county town of Pembrokeshire, Wales. It is the most populous urban area in Pembrokeshire. In 2001, 13,367 people lived there. Its community boundaries made it the second-most populous settlement in the county, with 10,812 people. The suburbs include the former parish of Prendergast, Albert Town and the residential and industrial areas of Withybush (housing, retail parks, hospital, airport and showground).

Haverfordwest is located in a strategic position, being at the lowest crossing point of the Western Cleddau before the opening of the Cleddau Bridge in 1975.

Famous people Edit

The town is famous as the birthplace of Simon Warr, who was in That'll Teach Em.