combination of an earphone or two earphones and microphone worn on the user's head and used for communication

A headset is a headphone with a microphone. People can listen to sound with headphone and can record sound with a microphone. A headset is easy to use because it can be used without hands, just like a telephone. A person only needs to put the headset on his/her head and then can talk with a mic. Many people use headsets at the computer so they can converse and type easily. Headsets normally have only one speaker like a telephone, but also can be made with speakers for both ears.

New type of Headset change

Nowadays there are wire headset and wireless headset, which means there's no wire between the computer and the headset. It works by radio waves. A wireless headset can be put in a pocket or a bag easily due to its small size. This can be used for soundproofing.

History change

The inventor of the headset is Nathaniel Baldwin, but his version could not be sold to people. The second headset is the US Army's headset for airplane pilots in World War I.

How headsets work? change

Headset is made up of two parts. They are input part and output part. From input part, headset receive sound signal. And from output part, headset receive sound signal and generate sound.