Hedvig Eleonora Church

church building in Stockholm, Sweden

Hedvig Eleonora Church (Swedish: Hedvig Eleonora kyrka) is a church in Stockholm, Sweden. It belongs to the Church of Sweden. It was opened on 21 August 1737.[1]

Hedvig Eleonora kyrka
Hedvig Eleonora kyrka December 2012 (perspective).jpg
Hedvig Eleonora Church
AffiliationChurch of Sweden
Ecclesiastical or organizational statusParish church
Year consecrated1737
LocationStockholm, Sweden
Geographic coordinates59°20′07″N 18°04′50″E / 59.33528°N 18.08056°E / 59.33528; 18.08056
Architectural styleBaroque
Hedvig Eleonora Church.
Inside Hedvig Eleonora Church


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