Henry Clay Jr.

American politician (1811-1847)

Henry Clay, Jr. (April 10, 1811 – February 23, 1847) was an American politician and soldier. He was the son of Henry Clay. After his studies of law, he enrolled in the military. He was elected to the Kentucky House of Representatives in 1835 and served one term. A graduate of West Point, he served in the Mexican-American War and was killed in 1847 at the Battle of Buena Vista.

Henry Clay Jr.
The death of Lt. Henry clay Jr, a lithograph.

When the Mexican-American War threatened, Clay raised a regiment, the 2nd Kentucky Volunteers. He was commissioned as a lieutenant colonel and led his regiment in support of Zachary Taylor's invasion force in 1846. Clay was killed in action while leading a charge of his regiment in the Battle of Buena Vista on February 23, 1847.

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