Heraclian dynasty

byzantine dynasty

The Heraclian dynasty, (Armenian: դինաստիա; Greek: Ηράκλεια δυναστεία) ruled Byzantine Empire between 610–711 years. The Heraclians presided over a period of cataclysmic events that were a watershed in the history of the Empire and the world.

Heraclian dynasty
Հերակլյան դինաստիա
Ηράκλεια δυναστεία
Flag of
Labarum (military standard)
The Heraclian dynasty under Heraclius, 626
The Heraclian dynasty under Heraclius, 626
Common languagesGreek (official)
Christianity (Eastern Orthodox Church)
• 610–641
Heraclius (first)
• 685–695; 705–711
Justinian II (last)
• Establishment
• Disestablished

Heraclius, the founder of his dynasty, was of Armenian origin.[2][3][4][5][6]


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  1. Heraclius was spoke Armenian and Greek.