city in the island of Crete, Greece
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Heraclion is the biggest city of Crete. 132,000 lived there in 2001 census. Heraclion is in the north of Crete. It is near Knossos, the ancient capital of Crete and the center of Minoan civilization. Heraclion has a big harbor which it connects Heraclion with continental Greece. Heraclion has a hot summer Mediterranean climate.

Heraclion's port

Places of interest change

The Venetian fountain in the center of Heraclion

The most interesting sight in Heraclion is the Venetian square with a marble fountain. Venice ruled Heraclion from the 13th to 16th century. There are still many important monuments from this time. The medieval fort in the town is another important sight. The fort was built by Arabians, Byzantines, and Venetians while each group ruled the city.