Higashi-Nagasaki Station

railway station in Toshima, Tokyo, Japan

Higashi-Nagasaki Station is the railway station of the Seibu-Ikebukuro line in Toshima Ward, Tokyo, Japan. The station is near the "Ikebukuro" station that is center of Tokyo. Only local train stops this station. Limited express, rapid express, semi express and rapid train pass this station. The next station of this station to east is "Shinamachi". The next station of this station to west is "Ekoda".

The area near the Higashi-nagasaki station is named "Nagasaki", but Nagasaki and Nagasaki Prefecture in Kyushu are not related. "Nagasaki" in Toshima Ward is located in east Japan. So this station's name have "Higashi"(means "east") to distinguish between this station and Nagasaki station in Kyushu.