Hogwarts Legacy

upcoming 2023 open-world role-playing video game developed by Avalanche Software

Hogwarts Legacy is a video game. It is set in the same fictional world as the Harry Potter books.[1][2] It is scheduled for sale in late 2022.


WB Games, Avalanche Software, and Portkey Games made this game. J.K. Rowling did not write the story herself, but the gamemakers talked to her about it.

Story and gameplayEdit

The story happens in 1890.[2] The player is a student at Hogwarts, the magical school in the Harry Potter books and movies. The student learns to cast spells, ride a broomstick, and tame magical animals. There are rumors that goblins are starting a rebellion against the human wizards, and the player must find out about them.[1][3]

The game is an open-world action role-playing game.[2]


Critics say this game has too many stereotypes:

Critics say the goblins in J.K. Rowling's books are like bad racist imaginary ideas of Jews. The goblins in her books run banks, have hooked noses, and are greedy, which is what non-Jewish people thought of Jews in the Middle Ages.[4][5][6] In Hogwarts Legacy, the goblins kidnap human children. In the middle ages, Christians would say Jews had kidnapped Christian children. Really, this was usually a lie, and the Jews had not kidnapped anyone. It was really a way of keeping Jews in Christian countries afraid.[7]

Critics also say that the House Elves in the game are bad. In the game, the House Elves are slaves, but they are happy about it. In real history, people who owned slaves used to say their enslaved people were happy. They would say that the enslaved people were naturally meant to be slaves. They said these things so no one would try to free them or make laws against slavery. In real life, enslaved people in history almost always wanted to be free. For example, the people enslaved in the United States before the Civil War.[8][9]

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