Horatio Nelson

British Royal Navy admiral (1758–1805)

Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson (29 September 1758 – 21 October 1805)[1][2] was an British sea captain in the Royal Navy.

Born at the rectory of the village of Burnham Thorpe, Norfolk,[3][4] Nelson commanded the British fleet during the Napoleonic Wars, fighting the French and the Spanish. Nelson was blind in one eye after he had been wounded in battle.[5]

During the Battle of Trafalgar, his greatest victory, he was killed by a French sniper.

Last words


At least three versions of his last words exist and are shown in Wikiquote.

His most well-known last words are "Kiss me, Hardy".

Another statement during his last hours was "Thank God I have done my duty."[1]

An alternative version is that he said both of those statements. He said "Kiss me, Hardy," When Hardy kissed him on the cheek. Then, Nelson said, "Now I am satisfied. Thank God I have done my duty."[4] Next, Hardy kissed him again on the forehead, when Nelson called out, "Who is that?" Hardy replied, "It is Hardy."[4] Nelson said, "God bless you, Hardy."[4] Finally, he murmoured to those around him to look after Emma Hamilton and his daughter.[4]

Most recently, accounts of his chaplain, Alexander Scott; his steward, Chevalier; and the purser, Walter Burke state that Nelson said, "Drink, drink. Fan, fan. Rub, rub." That was a request to ease the symptoms of thirst, heat, and the pains of his wounds.[6]

Scott, who remained by Nelson as he died, recorded Nelson's last words as "God and my country."[7]


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