Hornbach chain

mountain chain of the Allgäu Alps

The Hornbach chain (German: Hornbachkette) is a string of mountains, about 15 kilometres long. They are part of the Allgäu Alps in the Austrian state of Tyrol. The Hornbach chain leaves the main ridge of the Allgäu Alps at the Öfnerspitze. It arcs from the north to the east.

Hornbach Chain
The Hornbach chain from the south with the Kogelsee
The Hornbach chain from the Großer Krottenkopf

In the west another branch goes south, which is where the Großer Krottenkopf (2,656 m) is found. The mountain is the highest in the whole Allgäu Alps.

On the main ridge of the Hornbach chain, the highest peaks are the Marchspitze (2,609 m), the Bretterspitze (2,608 m) and the Urbeleskarspitze (2,632 m). They are all in the ten most important summits of the Allgäu Alps.

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