Horror punk

music genre that mixes proto-gothic and punk rock sounds with morbid and violent imagery and lyrics which are often influenced by horror films and science fiction B-movies

Horror punk (sometimes referred to as horror rock) is a dark style of music mixing gothic and punk rock sounds with morbid imagery. Often, song topics are taken from horror films, horror punk bands create an atmosphere by telling tales through their songs. It is closely related to an often overlaps with the death rock movement; while death rock tends to lean more towards the goth sound, horror punk leans towards a doo-wop sound.[1][2]

The Misfits are recognized as the first band of the horror punk subgenre. Misfits first horror punk recording sessions can be traced back to 1977. In 1982, the Misfits released their first full-length album, Walk Among Us. Influenced by the Misfits, another early punk band TSOL released a horror punk album called Dance with Me in the early 1980s.

The genre, with the exception of artists like Jack Grisham (on the left) and Michale Graves (on the right), is generally apolitical.

Horror hardcore is a term coined by Dwid Hellion that refers to a hybrid of horror punk and hardcore punk.[3] The Misfits' third album, Earth A.D., and the early work of Glenn Danzig's subsequent band Samhain inaugurated the style. Septic Death and Integrity also performed this subgenre.

Horror metal is a term which originated in the 1980s to describe Ripper's first album.[4] Since then, a number of bands playing several different styles of metal have fallen under this banner, including Necrophagia and the Vision Bleak.

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