Hugh de Lotharingia

French duke

Hugh de Lotharingia also called Hugh of Lotharingia (ca. 850/855 - 895) was a person in the Frankish royal family during the Carolingian dynasty. A dynasty is a group of kings or queens who are related to each other by blood and rule the same place one after he other. He was the son of Lothar II by a woman who was not his wife. Hugh's mother was Lothar's concubine Waldrada, meaning people knew she was the king's girlfriend. Hugh was the grandson of Lothar I. His title was Count of Lotharingia and Duke of Alsace.

When Hugh was young, his father was given then job of Count of Lotharingia also. In 865, he was named Duke of Alsace.

In 885, Hugh's uncle, Emperor Charles the Fat, accused him of plotting against him and had him blinded and thrown in a monastery.[1]

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