Hugo Schnars-Alquist

German painter (1855-1939)

Carl Wilhelm Hugo Schnars-Alquist (October 29, 1855 – August 20, 1939) was a German painter who painted scenes of the sea. His family were merchants and he started working as a merchant himself. Schnars-Alquist was a self-taught painter.[1] In 1886 he was a student of Hans Gude at the Berlin Art Academy. In 1893 he was the German representative for the fine arts at the World's Columbian Exposition.[2] Schnars-Alquist made many sea voyages which taught him how to paint the sea at different Latitudes and from rough sea to calm. He was a member of the jury at the Chicago and Melbourne art exhibitions.[3] He received a Gold medal at Melbourne.[3] Schnars-Alquist was a member of the Hamburg Geographical Society.[4] He also belonged to the Institute for Maritime Studies at the University of Berlin.[4]

Hugo Schnars-Alquist at work in 1905.


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