Hwebul (Hangul: 훼불 hwebul?, Hanja: 毁佛) is derived from a Korean term. hwe means "destroy, damage, break" and bul means "buddha, buddhist". The term means vandalizing or damaging Buddhist things. Such as setting fire or breaking into buddhist temples, destroying buddhist statues, or commit violence to monks or people who believe buddhism.[1]

In KoreaEdit

1990 ~ 1999Edit

In 1998, A Christian destroyed about 750 Buddhist statues in a temple to change into church. [2]

2000 ~ 2009Edit

In 2000, In Dongguk University, A Korean Christian vandalized.- painted a crossed shape on a buddhist statue and wrote "Only Jesus" on a stairs.[3]
In 2006, In Busan plaza, The Korean Christians prayed that let these churches be stood and these temples be destroyed.[4]
In 2008, In Jogyesa Temple, offering envelopes were in it and bibles were written, “Believe in Jesus, or you will go to Hell“.[5]

2010 ~ 2018Edit

In 2012, In Donghwasa Temple, A pastor surnamed “Seong” broke into and vandalized in it. He wrote a cursing word on the nose on the buddhist picture as he went to dharma hall. Then he tore buddhist bible and urinated in incense burner.[6]
In 2016, In Gaeunsa Temple, A 50 years old pastor broke statues and things.[7]

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