The HyperScan was a game console developed by Mattel. It was released on October 23, 2006, with a price of $69.99.[1] It has a radio wave technology that lets it be used with special cards (called IntelliCards), which gave games special features, and the ability to save.

Mattel HyperScan
Release dateOctober 23, 2006 US
Lifespan1 year

Because of the small amount of games, high money cost for cards, and how slow the games were, It is talked about as one of the worst video game systems ever made.[1] It was not taken well for how slow it was, how the games looked, and less able to play games than other consoles at the time. A very small number of games were made for the system, and people were upset about how each pack had cards they did not like. The HyperScan would be discontinued in 2007.

List of HyperScan Games


Only five games were released for the system, due to it not selling well.[2]

Title Release Date Developer Publisher Genre(s)
Avatar: The Last Airbender Unreleased Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ben 10 2006 Semi Logic Entertainments, Inc. Mattel, Inc. Platformer
IWL: Interstellar Wrestling League October 2006 Backbone Entertainment, Inc. and Digital Eclipse Software, Inc. Mattel, Inc. Fighting
Marvel Heroes 2007 Semi Logic Entertainments, Inc. Mattel, Inc. Beat 'Em Up
Nick Extreme Sports (Nickelodeon Sports) Cancelled Unknown Unknown Sports
Spider-Man 2007 Semi Logic Entertainments, Inc. Mattel, Inc. Platformer
X-Men October 2006 Semi Logic Entertainments, Inc. and BNP Games, LLC Mattel, Inc. Fighting


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