Hyperion (Simmons novel)

novel by Dan Simmons
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Hyperion is a science fiction book that was written by Dan Simmons in 1989. It is the first book of his Hyperion Cantos series. The book won the Hugo Award award in 1989 for best novel.[1]

AuthorDan Simmons
Cover artistGary Ruddell
CountryUnited States
SeriesHyperion Cantos
GenreSoft science fiction/Space opera
Publication date
Media typePrint (hardback & paperback)
Pages482 pp (mass paperback edition)
AwardsLocus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel (1990)
ISBN978-0-385-24949-2 (1st ed. hardcover)
813/.54 19
LC ClassPS3569.I47292 H97 1989
Followed byThe Fall of Hyperion 

References Edit

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