If I Had You (Adam Lambert song)

2010 single by Adam Lambert

If I Had You (styled as If I Had U) is Adam Lambert's 3rd official mainstream single released of his debut album, For Your Entertaintment. The song was written by Max Martin, Shellback, and Savan Kotecha for Lambert's debut album, For Your Entertainment. It was released as the third single on May 5, 2010.

Music video


James Montgomery from MTV describes the video as having "a clearing in the forest, one packed with party people — of all races, colors, creeds and proclivities, naturally — who are all in the midst of a totally excellent celebration. (Most of said party people are actually Lambert's friends, from his days performing with L.A.'s "Zodiac Show.")" Montgomery states the message of the video is "Humanity can, in fact, put their differences aside and just dance."



The video premiered June 14, 2010 on VH1 and "takes the late-night wilderness party motif of Jennifer Lopez's classic "Waiting for Tonight" clip and adds more lasers, guyliner, thrashy dance moves, silver top hats and outrageously spiky shoulder pads." Bryan Barber directed the video, which was inspired by Lambert's self-proclaimed "psychedelic" experience at Burning Man.



Remixes of the song include an instrumental remix and a radio edit. As well DJ's and producer's like Jason Nevins, Dangerous Muse, and Morgan Page.