Ilya Repin

Russian-empire painter of Ukrainian birth (1844-1930)

Ilya Yefimovich Repin (Russian: Илья́ Ефи́мович Ре́пин; Ukrainian: Ілля́ Єфи́мович Рéпін , 5 August [O.S. 24 July] 1844 – 29 September 1930) was an important Russian painter and sculptor.

Ilya Repin
Self-portrait, 1878
BornAugust 5 [O.S. 24 July] 1844
DiedSeptember 29, 1930(1930-09-29) (aged 68)
Known forPainting

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Repin was born in a village near Kharkiv, Russian Empire (now part of Ukraine). He came from a poor family. Repin first learned to paint from an icon painter. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Saint Petersburg. Later he became a professor of painting at the same academy. He is best known for his paintings of scenes from Russian history and his portraits.[1]

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