Imtiaz Ali 'Arshi'

Urdu author (1904-1981)

Imtiaz Ali Arshi (8 December 1904 – 25 February 1981) was an Indian researcher and scholar. He is best known for his works for Mirza Ghalib. He wrote Ghalib, Maktiba-e-Ghalib (1937), Intikhab-e-Ghalib (1943). He also created his own version of Ghalib's Diwan called Nuskha-e-Arshi published in 1958. Arshi the winner of the 1961 Sahitya Akademi Award in Urdu for the Diwan.[1][2]

Nuskha-Arshi is cited by Urdu scholar, Gopi Chand Narang. He tried to do the most complete early attempt to publish Ghalib's ghazals in a chronological manner. It allows for a study of the evolution in the poet's themes and techniques.

According to Narang, Arshi's Diwan was the main source for the study of Ghalib's work until a more complete and chronologically correct. Diwan'-e-Raza was published by Kalidas Gupta Riza in 1995.[3]

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