sexual fetish that involves role-playing a regression to an infant-like state

Infantilism or Paraphilic infantilism is a paraphilic desire to wear diapers and be treated like an infant, or more commonly, a toddler. Such people are usually referred to as Infantilists or Adult babies.

Some Infantilists are diaper lovers (DL) as well, so they are usually referred to as "AB/DLs". Most infantilists are heterosexual, or straight males.

Infantilism or diaper fetishes are different in self image and the focus of attention. Both ideals can be found in the same person at the same time and are similar. However, it must be said that both are related to having a sexual preference for children, or pedophilia. In any case, there is no single form, but a variety of infantilism types. Some infantilists are not obvious and try to blend in, while others wish they could be free of all guilt and responsibilities. All variations focus on diapers and babyhood.