Infinite Challenge

Korean television entertainment program

Infinite Challenge is a famous Korean TV show. Its Korean name is Muhan Dojeon. It started in 2005 as Mu(mo)han Dojeon and titled Muhan Dojeon in 2006.

There are seven people on the show now; Yoo Jae-suk, the MC, Park Myeong-su always seated second, Jeong Jun-ha whose nickname is 'eating god' because he eats a lot and fast, Roh Hong-cheol who can speak quickly and has swindler character, Jeong Hyeong-don who is called "MiJon gae-oh" that means remarkable in everywhere, HaHa who is called "little baby", Jun Jin was a member for about 2 years and went military service. Instead of him, Gil who is singer of South Korea's Hip-hop group Leessang appears in this show.

This show is the first real variety show in Korea. The seven members of the team try new challenges for each episode. For example, they held an end of year concert to raise money for unfortunate neighbors, made a drama, met and played games with world famous stars like Thierry Henry and Paris Hilton. These were all produced by Kim Tae-ho, the producer of Infinite Challenge. He wants to keep the program new and exciting so he has recently tried to add a new member of the team.