Innamaadhoo (Raa Atoll)

island in Raa Atoll, Maldives

Innamaadhoo (Dhivehi: އިއްނަމާދޫ)
This island is an inhabited island in Raa atoll. Like other islands, this island is made out of sand from corals.

People change

The inhabitants are Maldivians and they speak their language, Dhivehi. 

Economy change

The economy of Innamaadhoo is built on carpentry. So, when you look at the whole country, the most carpenting experts are mostly from Innamaadhoo. From very small fishing boats to giant safari boats are built in this island. Even if wheat was grown few decades back, farming is not a very wide field. If we look at fishing, the islanders used to fish a lot in the 90's. So, putting salt on fish was a very wide field. But now, as the field perished, fishermen and fish-sellers are very less. The reason is believed to be because carpentry gives a lot of money (carpentry is a very good money-maker). In the field of tourism, inhabitants aren't directly contributing. It may be because there is no resort nearby. But diving boats, row boats, and ferries, etc. (needed for resorts) are built a lot here.