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Integration may be any of the following:

  • Integration, in the most general sense, may be any bringing together and uniting of things: the integration of two or more economies, cultures, religions (usually called syncretism), etc.
  • Integration, in mathematics, a concept of calculus, is the act of finding integrals
  • Indefinite integration, in mathematics, refers to antidifferentiation
  • Racial integration, refers to social and cultural behavior
  • Economic integration
  • Regional integration
  • Horizontal integration and vertical integration, in microeconomics and strategic management, refer to a style of ownership and control
  • Integration clause, in a contract, a term used to declare the contract the final and complete understanding of the parties
  • In computer science
    • Digital integration, in computer science, allows data from one device or software to be read or manipulated by another, resulting in ease of use
    • Enterprise application integration, as the use of software and computer systems to bring together a set of enterprise computer applications
  • Systems Integration, refers to the discipline of designing systems by means of glueing together otherwise separate parts. Usually associated to the construction of complex systems.