Intel Core 2

Intel processor family

Intel Core 2 is a group of microprocessors created to replace Intel's previous Core brand. The group includes the single-core "Core 2 Solo", dual-core (2 cores) "Core 2 Duo", and quad-core (4 cores) "Core 2 Quad" microprocessors. Microprocessors with the name "Extreme" following the brand name, such as Core 2 Extreme, are higher in cost, and perform better than the others. The Extreme versions also come in dual-core and quad-core versions.

The Intel Core 2 "Wolfdale" microprocessor

Processor Cores


The processors with names ending in "XE" are the "Extreme" versions.

  • Conroe: The first Core 2 Duo processors were released on the Conroe core on July 27, 2006. These were created to replace the Intel Pentium 4 and Pentium D brands. Core version 2 is called Core 2.
  • Conroe XE: Released on July 29, 2006. The Conroe XE branded CPU's were released to replace Intel's Pentium Extreme Edition processors.
  • Conroe L
  • Allendale
  • Morem
  • Morem XE
  • Kentsfield
  • Kentsfield XE
  • Penryn
  • Wolfdale
  • Yorkfield
  • Yorkfield XE