capital and largest city of Ioannina and Epirus, Greece

Ioannina is a Greek town in the northwest of Greece, in Ipiros district. Ioannina is the capital of Ioannina prefecture and Ipiros periphery. 67,384 people live there. Ioannina is built on the bank of Pamvotida lake. Around Ioannina there are many tall mountains. Beside the town is Mitsikeli mountain. In the east of Ioannina is the Pindos range.

Ioannina's lake

Ioannina's lake change

Ioannina is built next to the lake which is named Pamvotida or Ioannina's lake. Ioannina has a small port on the lake which connects Ioannina with the island of the lake. The island of the lake is a small island with very importants monuments and buildings. These buildings have been built during Ottoman period and Byzantine period.

Sites of interest change

Ioannina has many places of interest. The most interesting place is the castle beside the lake. Many old churches are also very interesting places. There are many interesting sites on the lake's island about which we mentioned above.