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combined military forces of Israel
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The Israel Defense Forces (shortened: IDF) (Hebrew: צבא ההגנה לישראל) audio speaker iconTzva HaHagana LeYisrael ), "Army for the Defense of Israel", known in Israel by the Hebrew acronym צה"ל, (Tzahal), is the name of Israel's military forces. It includes the Israel Army, Israel Air Force and Israel Navy.

Emblem of the IDF

Since 1967, it has had a close relationship with the United States.[1] The IDF is believed to have maintained Nuclear weapons, possibly possessing between 80 and 400 nuclear warheads.[2]

IDF Corps

Flag of the IDF

The army has many corps:

Ground Arm

  • Infantry Corps
    • 1st Golani Brigade
    • 35th Paratroopers Brigade
    • 84th Nahal Brigade
    • 89th Commando Brigade
    • 900th Kfir Brigade
    • 933rd Givati Brigade
  • Armored corps
    • 7th Sa'ar Armored Brigade
    • 188th Barak Armored Brigade
    • 401st Ikvot HaBarzel Armored Brigade
    • 460th Sons of Light Armored Brigade
  • Artillery Corps
  • Combat Engineering Corps
  • Combat Intelligence Collection Corps


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