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Istakhr (Middle Persian: Stakhr, Persian: اصطخر Estakhr) was an ancient city in Fars province, five kilometres (three miles) north of Persepolis in southwestern Iran.

Stakhr (Middle Persian)
Estakhr (in Persian)
Photograph of three columns of different sizes at Istakhr
Columns at Istakhr
Istakhr is located in Iran
Shown within Iran
RegionFars Province
Coordinates29°58′51″N 52°54′34″E / 29.98083°N 52.90944°E / 29.98083; 52.90944Coordinates: 29°58′51″N 52°54′34″E / 29.98083°N 52.90944°E / 29.98083; 52.90944
FoundedVery shortly after the decline of Persepolis (second half of the 4th century BC)
PeriodsClassical antiquity to Late Middle Ages

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