Japanese folklore

folk traditions of Japan, expressed in oral traditions, customs, and material culture
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Japanese folklore is the folklore of Japan. It is very influenced by Shinto and Buddhism, the two most important religions in the country. It usually includes humorous or strange characters and situations. It also includes many supernatural creatures, such as kami (gods and revered spirits), yōkai (monster-spirits) (like oni, kappa, and tengu), onryō (ghosts), dragons, and animals with supernatural powers like the kitsune (fox), tanuki (raccoon dog), mujina (badger), and bakeneko (transforming cat).

Japanese folklore is often divided into several categories: "mukashibanashi," tales of long-ago; "namidabanashi", sad stories; "obakebanashi", ghost stories; "ongaeshibanashi", stories of kindness; "tonchibanashi", witty stories; "waraibanashi", funny stories; and "yokubaribanashi", stories of greed.

Some famous Japanese folktales and legends include:



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