Jean-Claude Pecker

French astronomer and astrophysicist (1923–2020)

Jean-Claude Pecker (10 May 1923 – 20 February 2020) was a French astronomer, astrophysicist and author. He was born in Reims, Grand Est, France.

Jean-Claude Pecker

Pecker was a member of the Académie des Sciences and director of the Nice Observatory. He was the secretary-general of the International Astronomical Union from 1964 to 1967. Pecker was the President of the Société astronomique de France (SAF), the French amateur astronomical society, from 1973–1976.[1]

He was awarded the Prix Jules Janssen by the French Astronomical Society in 1967.

A minor planet (1629 Pecker) is named after him.< Pecker was a vocal opponent of astrology and pseudo-science[2][3] and was the president of the Association française pour l'information scientifique (AFIS).


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