Jean-Georges Noverre

French dancer (1727-1810)

Jean-Georges Noverre (29 April 1727 – 19 October 1810) was a French dancer and ballet master (choreographer). He is considered the creator of the ballet d'action. He performed or held posts across Europe. His first great success was the ballet Les Fêtes Chinoises. Other ballets include Jason et Médée, La Toilette de Venus, Les Jalousies du sérail, La dour corsaire and Le Jaloux sans rival. He expressed his views on dance in the book Lettres sur la danse et les ballets in 1756 (published in 1760). The French Revolution reduced Noverre to poverty. He died in 1810.

Jean-Georges Noverre
Jean-Georges Noverre
(by Jean-Baptiste Perronneau, 1764)
Born29 April 1727
Died19 October 1810