game played with tower of blocks

Jenga is a block building game created by board game creator Leslie Scott, and owned by Hasbro in terms of marketing. Most of its games are now owned by Art's Ideas. In this game, players take turns removing blocks from a 54 built tower and replacing them at the top without making the tower fall.[1]

Someone playing Jenga.



Players must place all 54 blocks to make a tower. Players must then take turns removing blocks from the tower and putting it at the top of the tower. The game ends when the tower falls.


  • Thown N Go Jenga where pieces are colorfully changed and there was a die.[2]
  • Jenga Truth or Dare looked exactly like original Jenga but once again colorful with three colors.
  • Jenga Xtreme used parrellogram shaped blocks instead.
  • Casino Jenga was used in Las Vegas casinos and was more roulette based then regular Jenga.
  • Jenga Giant/XXL were played just like regular Jenga but instead reached up to 8ft.
  • Jenga Pass included a platform where you pass the Jenga tower around.


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