Joel Goldsmith

American composer of film, television, and video game music (1952-2012)

Joel King Goldsmith (November 19, 1957 - April 29, 2012) is an American composer of film, television and video game music.


Goldsmith was born in Los Angeles, California to Jerry Goldsmith and Sharon Hennagin. His parents are Jewish.

Goldsmith married Martha Lopez in 1999 and had a daughter Sophia Goldsmith in 2002.

Goldsmith died of cancer on April 29, 2012 in Hidden Hills, California.


Goldsmith stated composers like Peter Bernstein, David Newman, Miklós Róza, Alex North, Carl W. Stalling, Mercer Ellington, Franz Waxman, Leonard Rosenman, Raymond Scott and Lalo Schifrin as influences.


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