John Comyn III

Nobleman, Guardian of Scotland

John Comyn III (1274-1306) was a Scottish noble killed in 1306 by Robert the Bruce as Comyn was a rival for the throne.

John Comyn III
Lord of Badenoch
Reign1302 - 10 February 1306
PredecessorJohn Comyn II
Bornc. 1274
Badenoch, Kingdom of Scotland[1]
Died10 February 1306
Greyfriars, Dumfries



On 10 February 1306 at Greyfriars in Dumfries, Scotland. Comyn was murdered by Robert the Bruce and Roger de Kirkpatrick, due to Comyn claiming the throne due to his claim that he is descended from a previous Scottish king, Donald III (r. 1093-1094, 1094-1097).


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